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Europe is boring
May 7th, 2008 // by Nataša Velikonja
flickr photo by cemre
Europe is boring. Boring for its self-sufficiency, among its own boundaries; Europe is a jail of virtual affluence and credit standard in which migrants without asylum, lesbians without lovers, intellectuals without mass media, and the homeless without comrades are wandering around. Europe is boring for its “white” conviction that it is better than the others, as it is supposedly the cradle of education, culture and literature. It is boring in its perpetual ecstasy with its fat kisses and broken glass on our lips. It is boring with its perpetual integration, which is being swallowed as a sacrificed young body, while images of hatred, slaughter and genocide are whirling in its eyes. Europe is boring because of its ritualized oblivion and ritualized machines of desire that never stop their craving.
How a truck drivers’ sexy calendar desecrated the name of Josip Račić
Stephan Lupino
Friday, May 31st, 2007 // by Maja Hrgović
I found out about the Stephen Lupino’s exhibition at the Modern gallery “Josip Račić” from a colleague at work. The pretty neutral title, “Wonderful creatures”, did not reveal much about the thematic framework nor the content of the exhibition. Lupino is not among the artists I hold in high esteem, nor do I believe that his photographic work could hold any pleasant surprises for me: his photoshop-edited female nudes (defined by their commercial value, that of getting published in the Playboy magazine) are very cheap and corny, and they cannot, even by a long shot, be described as surprising, fresh, nor artistic. The thing that made me look more closely at the invitation was my colleague’s reaction to it…
The Modern Witches or the Persuit of the dethroned Goddess
ImageMay 23rd 2007 // by Krešimira Gojanović
The word “witch” bears many negative connotations in our culture. This is indicative of the fear and reluctance of the patriarchal understanding of the world to accept, and furthermore, incorporate the archetype of a strong, creative and intelligent woman - a woman who, in a self-aware and emancipated manner, like the male “creators”, creates magical spiritual worlds according to her own free will and design. To be able to understand the primal causes of this fear, we have to look deeper into the past, into the ancient, pre-Christian cultures. Those cultures worshipped female divinities, often in the form of a tri-fold goddess who symbolized the three aspects of woman and of nature, with which the woman was equated with.
Women Poets
Adrienne Rich
May 18th, 2007 // by Darija Žilić
In the novel „Božanska glad“ (Divine Hunger) by Slavenka Drakulić, the heroine meets one handsome and exotic Joao Amado at a library. Introducing himself, he tells her that he has written one semi-successful novel, that he is currently writing a history book about the natives of the Amazon area, but that he also works as an editor in a publishing company because “who could possibly make a living as a writer in a such a poor country as Brazil.“ Then he asks her if she writes as well. At first, her answer is “no, no“, but then she says: “I write essays, essays mostly…"
Burqa on the head, or burqa in the head
ImageJanuary 15th 2007 by Đurđa Knežević
If a feminist workshop asked its participants to recount some of the pervading stereotypes about women, they wouldn't nearly be able to call to mind a half of what a newly-launched Web portal ž (, ''the first genuine Web portal for Croatian women'', has listed with a sovereignty of someone who trully KNOWS. Precisely, someone who is so immersed in the system of stereotypes, to the point of being utterly unable to grasp an alternative option of their own existence.

''Ž is the first genuine Web portal for women in Croatia''. This is the first sentence following the headline welcoming with which ''the first and the genuine'' (as in the Bible or in contemporary Muslim societies, where of all the women at a man's disposal there is yet the One, who is ''first and genuine'') portal introduces the audience into its own virtual women's world,  which may not even be the first of a kind, but is definitely ''genuine'', at least according to their conviction.

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