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RECONSTRUCTIONS: private = public = private = public =
A selection of Croatian contemporary art
Belgrade, 10.-18. October 2009

The exhibition 'Reconstructions: private = public = private = public =' examines the feminist perception from the 1970s: 'the private is the public' i.e. 'the private is the political' using various positions selected from Croatian contemporary art since the seventies, and outside the feminist discourse.

//// Helena Bulaja //// Boris Cvjetanović//// Ivan Faktor //// Sanja Iveković//// Željko Jerman //// Andreja Kulunčić //// Dalibor Martinis /// Edita Pecotić//// Goran Trbuljak //// Slaven Tolj

Belgrade: Exhibition 'EXCEPTION' forced to close before opening

Image The Exhibition EXCEPTION, Contemporary art scene from  Prishtina (Kosova) that  has  been scheduled to open on the February 7th 2008 in Belgrade at KONTEKST Gallery  (to be on display until February 15th 2008) was forced to close just before the opening.

The Serbian police that had to intervene just before the opening estimated that it can not guarantee safety to the  artists, curators and the public, after an organized  group of Serbian nationalist  forces attacked the gallery space and even destroyed the work Face to face by Dren Maljici.

Ana Pérez-Quiroga: Rather Dead than Donkey
I Hate Being Fat, Please Eat Me, 2002. Piece of a set of plates in printed porcelain.
August 17th, 2007 //  by Cristiana Pena
Ana Pérez-Quiroga is a Portuguese contemporary artist working and living in Lisboa. In 2002 she made her first solo exhibition “Tell Me You Love Me”, at Filomena Soares Gallery and, since then she has been regularly exhibiting her work in Portugal and Spain.
Ana works with different media such as photography, installations, knitting or pottery and explores a wide range of subjects from love to artistic discourses/institutions. At the age of 47, Ana is still looking for her place in the Portuguese art scene.
Due to her heterogeneous academic background that comprises History, Design and Sculpture studies, Ana’s work deals with ideological, formal, aesthetic and ethic problems of artistic production. She constructs her critical views about these issues by displacing ordinary or personal objects from the real world into the artistic discourses and practices.
Alenka Spacal: The Hanging
ImageNovember 1st, 2006
The exhibition of self-portraits by the painter Alenka Spacal opens with a performance during which the author prepares a rope on which the laundry is to be hung out to dry. And through the self-ironising of the palette of various incarnations of her character, done with oil on kitchen cloths, the artist uses the domestic atmosphere (achieved through hanging out the laundry in an art gallery) to bring into focus the relation between the private domain and the public one, as well as between the personal and the political.
Alenka Spacal uses a sort of autobiographical method to establish her sovereignity thus raising her voice against the turning the cliché role of the woman as the “other” into an objective one.
Petra Grozaj: Young Ladies of the Catalogues

ImageMay 2nd 2007 // by Vedrana Lukačević
With her new collection of paintings, titled “Young Ladies of the Catalogues“, the already well-established younger-generation artist Petra Grozaj continues with her sequence of visual imagery and the inner laws of the compositions which she uses to interconnect and further develop the artistic elements that she has been using already in her line of work.

In other words, in the matters of image and technique she insists upon maintaining the unity of polarity contained within the linear, or to say sketching principles (noticeable in the black outlines), placed in juxtaposition with the features executed in a painterly manner, using transparent as well as rich and thick layers of paint.


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